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Konan Technology is an AI software company. Established in 1999, Konan Technology focuses on unstructured big data analysis technology for over 20 years.

  • Company Name

    Konan Technology Inc.
  • CEO

    Young Sum Kim

  • Date of Establishment

    April 1999

  • Core Technologies

    Text AI, Video AI, Digital Twin

  • Key Products

    Konan LLM, Konan Search/Analytics/Chatbot, Konan Watcher, Konan Voice, PHM, AI Pilot

  • No. of Employees


  • Address

    327, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Daeryung Seocho Tower 6,7,9 FL

  • Corporate Type

    KOSDAQ-Listed Company


Based on the accumulated consumer trust for over 20 years, Konan Technology has secured more than 2,500 customers ranging from large corporations such as Hyundai Motor Company, Samsung Electronics, and SK Telecom to public institutions.

  • 2,500


  • 3,000



Public Institution






For the past 20 years, we have built a strong technology foundation in the unstructured data analysis field. For the upcoming 10 years, we will write history as a leading AI company related to image, voice and text.

  • 2023

    Selected as 「Defense Innovative Company 100」

    Completion of the ‘Defense Intelligent Platform’ project for R.O.K MND

    Released document generation AI, ‘Konan LLM’

  • 2022

    Konan Technology (402030) listed on KOSDAQ

    Business agreement with 'KAI' to strengthen AI-based aerospace technology

  • 2017

    Started applying AI technology to commercial products
  • 2009

    Provide video-search technology for Nate Portal
  • 2007

    Provide integrated search services for Nate Portal and Cyworld
  • 2006

    Business alliance with SK Communications established
  • 2005

    Overseas incorporated company Konan Digital Inc. established
  • 2004

    Launched SBS Digital News based on 'Konan DigitalArc'
  • 2001

    Konan image-searching technology selected as MPEG7 international standard
  • 1999

    Konan Technology established


Our AI technologies empower enterprises to make faster, better decisions.


Konan Technology focuses on technology commercialization to develop AI that ‘watch, listen, understand, and speak’ like human-beings do.


Text AI

To understand the intention of the speaker.

Konan Search is an "AI-based multimodal search engine" that understands the user's situation and intentions. You can search by taking a picture without typing, and you can search for synonyms /similar expressions by vector search without using a synonym dictionary.

Konan LLM is an on-premise ‘Document Generation AI’ for B2B/B2G. It boasts Korean document generation having the largest number of Korean tokens. Also, it provides accurate and well-founded answers through self-developed Vector Search engine-based RAG.

Konan Analytics is an 'intelligent text analytic engine' that discovers business insights through structured and unstructured data analysis using machine learning, AI, and data science based technologies.

pulse-K is a real-time analytic service that analyzes current online issues and finds business signals using AI-based data science technology.

Konan Chatbot is an AI-based conversational agent that upgrades businesses by providing high quality conversational services. It provides conversational services that are based on natural language understanding, text mining, machine learning, and deep learning technologies.

Video AI

Recognize objects in video, such as people, faces, voices, and situations, to understand the context of video scene.

Konan Watcher is a solution that can identify various multimodal such as faces, entities, situations and scenes in video contents and can be applied to public, broadcasting, and national defense fields.

Konan Listener is an end-to-end voice recognition engine solution that automatically generates subtitles from various video contents by combining and utilizing technologies such as video processing, natural language processing etc.

Konan Voice is ‘3D Character-Integrated Text-to-Speech (TTS) service’ for B2B/B2C. It automatically lip-syncs and dubs a 3D character with just the script text. Additionally, it can express 6 emotions and provides natural high-quality sound with a MOS of over 4.5.

Digital Twin

System diagnosis, prediction, and optimal decision-making by PBDL and RL with digital twins.

Konan PHM can have a dramatic impact on manufacturing operations by PBDL and RL with digital twins.

Konan AI Pilot implements drone autonomous driving and unmanned flight training using reinforcement learning.


Youngsum Kim CEO

Ph.D. in electrical and communications engineering, Hanyang University

Senior Researcher, ETRI

Bellcore Research from U.S.A.

Youngsum Kim, he has been asked his top business priorities, he always replies"Our people are our top competitive advantage."

Under this management philosophy, he has built a strong organizational culture based on autonomy.

And he has focused on artificial intelligence business development that encompasses image, voice and text from its inception to the present.

Seunghyun Yang CTO

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Seoul National University

Senior Researcher, ETRI

BM Natural Language Processing Researcher, Seoul National University

SKT CTO concurrently

Seunghyun Yang has directed the company's technology innovation based on the principle of creating well-made products that are minimalistic and faithful to the basic function of the product.

As a result, It has become the only AI software company in Korea that uses its own 'K-language' as its source code and trains AI models with its own deep learning framework.

Deokho Yoon Vice President

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Seoul National University

Professor, Hannam University

Deokho Yoon is in charge of developing a flexible deep learning framework for next-generation AI research and development.

Additionally, he had led the development of ""SBS Digital Newsroom System"" that adopted a digital TV news production system for the first time in South Korea.

Youngchang Song CFO

Bachelor of Laws, Seoul National University

KTB, Heungkuk Life Insurance

Youngchang Song has a background in excellent investment management and has over 29 years of

experience in the financial field.

Before joining Konan Technology, he was in charge of investment management at KTB Network and management planning at Heungkuk Life.

Wantaek Lim Managing Director

Bachelor of Computer Science and Statistics, Seoul National University

Head of Mobile Division, KTH

Senior Invited Researcher, KISTI 

Wantaek Lim is a strategic planning expert with over 10 years of experience.

Prior to joining Konan Technology, he was in charge of the mobile businesses such as Pudding Camera, Pudding Face Recognition service, location-based SNS service "I'm in",

at KTH.

Jungju Choi Executive Director

Ph.D. in Computer Science, Postech

Professor, Department of Media at Ajou University

Senior Researcher, ETRI

Academic Chairperson, Korea Computer Graphics Society

Jungju Choi is the head of research and development for digital twin and metaverse technologies.

He has a number of research achievements and publications in computer graphics, such as standardization of '3D digital human models' and 'Haptic rendering to improve immersion'.